Brand Rep Program

Dixie Magnolia Brand Rep Program:

 Do you love fashion?  Love posting on social media?  Love discounts?  This is the job for you!!  There are two tiers – Brand Representative and Brand Ambassador.  Everyone starts off as a Brand Rep.


What Does A Brand Rep Do?

  • You will be given a coupon code to post on social media, and give to your friends and family
  • You must have an active social media presence, and your social media profiles must be visible so we can check your progress
  • We expect you to advertise at least ONCE per week – but, the more you advertise and sell, the more you will earn. We expect you to post photos in anything you purchase from us, as well as post about sales, new arrivals, giveaways, and promotions.  You will receive a set number of items from us to model and post on your social media pages.  The number of items you receive, as well as how often you receive them, will vary depending on performance.
  • After three months, you will be evaluated based on the amount of sales that you bring in. We will determine if you are a good fit as a brand rep at that time
  • By joining the team as a Brand Rep, you expressly authorize Dixie Magnolia Boutique to use any photos you take of our clothing on social media and/or on our website


  • You will be paid in one of two ways:
    • Cash – you will be paid 10% of all sales that you bring in, and you will be paid twice per month; or
    • Store credit – you will be paid 15% of all sales that you bring in, and you will be issued online store credit twice per month
  • You will also gain marketing and sales experience – great if you are interested in public relations, marketing, or sales! You can put this on your resume, and we will gladly give you a reference

Ideal Candidate

  • 18 years old or older
  • Active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Very active in community, sorority, social organization, or school
  • Very social, creative, friendly, interactive, hardworking, and up to date on the latest trends
  • Most importantly – great style and a great personality!
  • It does not matter if you don’t live near us! We actually prefer that the majority of our reps live elsewhere to help spread our name


Still Interested?

Fill out the following form and email it to  We will review it, and get back to you as soon as possible!


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Tell us about any community involvement (such as the school you attend, a social club you’re a member of, any sorority affiliation, etc.)

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Do you currently have any affiliation to other online or store location boutiques?  If so, please describe your relationship any compensation/perks you receive.

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Tell us any additional information that you feel is important!

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By initialing this application you certify that all information included on this application is true and complete to the best of your knowledge.  You also certify that if this application leads to your employment, you understand that false or misleading information in your application may result in your termination of employment.